Richest Fight in Boxing History

The Richest Fight in Boxing History . . . but 10 Fights or 2 Years May Make a Difference!

After five years the long awaited clash between the two finest Welterweight fighters of our generation, the American Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquiao, from the Philippines, is scheduled to take place on the 2nd May 2015.

A meeting between the two fighters was discussed back in 2009 and was scheduled to take place on March 2010, however, Paquiao refused the American demands for both to have Olympic style drug testing during training and as a result the fight did not happen then.

However, the fight will now take place on the aforementioned date failing any encumbrances.

It was estimated that both fighters would have earned in excess of 25 million in 2010, now, 5 years later it is estimated that both fighters will earn in excess of 100 million from a gate that could exceed one quarter of a billion dollars!


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Both fighters are still at the top of their game, they are undoubtedly the best welterweight fighters in professional boxing at the moment. The biggest "sell" for the promotions is; can the defensive master, Mayweather, with an unbeaten record of 47 wins, 26 inside the distance, no loss; (Paquiao, 57-5-2): withstand the relentless onslaught that will be thrown at him by his granite tough opponent. But Mayweather has ring savvy that is only equalled, in my view, by few of his peers, and although not a ferocious hitter; his punches are accurate and painful.

Another area that merits consideration in this analysis of who will be the winner, are the ages of the two fighters. Paquiao is two years younger than May weather but to even the odds somewhat is the fact that Mayweather has had 10 less professional fights than Paquiao, and depending on the degree of difficulty that these fights were for Paquiao could well reduce or remove any advantage the 2 years advantage that Paquiao may expect to hold over the older Mayweather, physiologically.

Also their styles of fighting could be another significant factor when trying to predict who the winner may be because when fighters are in their twenties it is less of an issue but can become a significant factor when the fighters are in their late thirties or older.

Mayweather, the defensive master, would suffer less from lack of tautness of muscularity, caused through wear, because he works hard to avoid being hit, and does so successfully, So he would be less affected by reduced speed and power as the fight progressed into the latter stages of the contest.

Correspondingly, fighters with an aggressive style, of "hunt and destroy" such as Paquiao, who goes forward relentlessly in an effort to wear down his opponent before delivering his coup de Grace, has to work harder and suffers more blows which reduces a fighter's effectiveness as he has more fights and becomes older. Therefore, physiologically I would say that maybe both fighters are about even on the factors that I've identified above, Mayweather being 2 years older and Paquioa having 10 more fights.

However, notwithstanding the fine tooth analysis that I've attempted, the fight could well be decided by factors outside of human understanding, or expectations, because who knows what goes on in the mind of the fighters, and these factors, unknown and unpredictable, may well determine, who is the winner of one of the most expectantly awaited fights in the recent history of professional boxing.

So, there, you have it, my views on one of the most fascinating boxing matches of recent times, and the most remunerative for all concerned of all time. As a rule I don't pick winners, but I'm inclined to lean towards Mayweather because of his consummate skills. I believe that he will successfully avoid taking too many heavy blows from Paquiao in the early stages of the contest which would slow him down sufficiently to allow Paquiao to move in for a knockout or stoppage in the latter half of the contest. In my view that would be the most logical strategy for Paquiao to employ, because I do not believe that he can beat Mayweather on points.